Production Equipment

Cortex Process Equipment offers the latest in separator technology. Our engineers ensure our separators are going to perform their required function and efficiently process your production. Our design minimizes separator maintenance, carryover and downtime. Horizontal and vertical configurations are available in both 2-Phase and 3-Phase separation.

Gas production unit packages separate the well stream into its liquid and gas components all in one self-contained unit. GPUs are housed and skid mounted making them ideal to transport and install. Cortex Process Equipment specializes in cold weather Rocky Mountain packages.

Cortex Process Equipment offers horizontal as well as vertical units, with horizontal configurations being best suited for large volumes of oil. We can strengthen efficiency and versatility by adding additional specifications.

Cortex Process Equipment typically manufactures small standard fuel gas scrubbers for use on heaters and treaters. Scrubbers are used to remove liquid from gas – a vertical separator without internals can usually remove most liquid particles greater than 100 microns in diameter.

Cortex Process Equipment’s Line Heaters assist in maintaining an optimal temperature in your well stream by counteracting the effect of an abrupt temperature drop which occurs when the well stream passes through a pressure reducing choke. A normal pre-assembled package includes the coil, heater and fuel gas system which is rated up to 4.0 MM BTU/hour. Customized packages are available to assist you in achieving the most efficient and cost-effective solution.

Cortex Process Equipment’s sand traps, or sand separators, are ASME certified. These units are used to remove sand and other particles from the oil or gas stream that would cause damage to your shale production equipment.

These horizontal coalescing gas filter-separators are specifically engineered to remove mist, fogs and dust from gas streams. Most of those particles are less than 10 microns in diameter which means standard separators or scrubbers will not effectively remove them. Any dust, dirt, rust and scale in the gas will be removed after passing through the filter-separator.


The VRU is a recognized control device for affected facilities, capturing VOC emissions by more than 95%.  In addition, a VRU produces a return on investment {ROI). Even with lower Natural Gas prices, the value of this gas stream significantly offsets the capital equipment, installation and operating costs. Factoring in the higher Btu value of the vapors, ROI is measured in months not years.

Vapor Recovery Towers are well established to reduce vapors being emitted in storage tanks. The VRT is typically a non-code vessel that does not exceed pressures above 3 psi – this allows light end hydrocarbons entrained in the oil to ‘flash off’ in a low-pressure environment. VRTs are a cost effective and efficient technology to add to the staged separating process.

Emission Control Devices (ECDs) are designed to collect and combust vent gases from oil and condensate production storage tanks. The ECD is an Enclosed Ground Flare with the burner located within the stack shell. The ECD is designed for greater than 98% Destruction Removal Efficiency of total volatile organic compounds (TVOC) per Title 40 60, Appendix A Source Emission test methods.

Cortex Process Equipment complies with Method 22 in both air-assisted and pilot-assisted flares.


Cortex Process Equipment offers API 12F and modified storage tanks and gun barrels to store and process liquids.

Cortex Process Equipment offers ASME storage tanks.

Gas Processing

These units are designed to lessen water content in natural gas prior to processing. Cortex Process Equipment designs, engineers, fabricates and installs standard and custom dehydration systems. All of our systems are designed for reliable operation and maintenance and a reduction in customer emissions.

These units are used to capture and recycle BTEX and VOCs – condensed liquids are collected and moved to storage while the leftover VOC vapors are sent to the burner or to compression. The units decrease operating costs by recovering sellable condensates as well as burning VOC vapors as fuel. Cortex Process Equipment offers air-cooled exchangers and shell-and-tube exchangers which are ideal for cold climates.

Cortex Process Equipment’s slug catchers help move product to the processing facility at a controlled rate by collecting ‘slugs’ of mostly gases or mostly liquids that have settled in flow lines.