Cortex takes services to the next level with VME’s engineering and fabrication

Cortex joins engineering and fabrication company VME. It’s a move that expands both companies: VME adds field service and an expanded line-up of surface equipment to its engineering and fabrication services, while Cortex expands its engineering and fabrication capacity to serve clients in bigger and better ways.

“Our customers once had to choose between excellent field service or large-scale fabrication and engineering,” Jon Salinas, Cortex Chief Operating Officer, says. “Now, they get to have both in what’s essentially become a one-stop shop for all well-sites.

“Say Cortex diagnoses a problem in the field that requires advanced fabricated machinery. Not only can we provide the diagnosis, but now we can serve the client with the right solution, no matter how large the operation. It also saves the client time and money since we already know their equipment and operations inside-out.”

Established in 1985, VME is headquartered in Tyler, TX, with locations around the world.

“When we were approached by VME,” Cortex CEO Brandon Plumb says, “it quickly became a no-brainer. We both care about people and seeing a job well-done through to completion. Our company missions align, our people align, and we each fill something of a void that the other needed to serve our customers more comprehensively.”

“We quickly learned that they have it all,” says Brad Stinson, VME’s Vice President – Onshore Division. “They have the right people, the right instincts, and the right customer-focused personality.”

Accessing VME’s engineering and fabrication services happens in two ways:

A natural solution to field services. If a problem in the field needs advanced engineering or fabrication, the customer can stay on-board with VME-Cortex without involving a third party.

Since only January 2020, the relationship has already benefited customers from both companies:

VME’s customers are getting well-site problems solved quickly and on-site. Cortex’s field experts are diagnosing problems, and VME’s engineers are drawing up the plans for fabrication.

Cortex customers are dreaming bigger and better. There are no limits now that they have not only the custom surface equipment and field service they’ve trusted for years, but they also have engineers and manufacturing capability that can proactively design and fabricate based off of the intel from Cortex’s field experts.

“Adding Cortex to our line-up fills a void for many of our customers,” VME’s Stinson says. “The reality is, field conditions are not perfect. They aren’t 100-percent predictable. Well site facilities inevitably need adjustments or repairs. Now, instead of our customers having to work around a third-party service company, they can come to us – the people who already know their equipment and operations inside-out.” Salinas adds, “It’s huge for operators and facilities engineers to be able to have engineering, fabrication, field service and after-market parts in one place. It’s a complete cycle that benefits both of our existing customers.”