Vapor Recovery Units

Vapor Recovery Units The VRU is a recognized control device for affected facilities, capturing VOC emissions by more than 95%.  In addition, a VRU produces a return on investment {ROI). Even with lower Natural Gas prices, the value of this gas stream significantly offsets the capital equipment, installation and operating costs. Factoring in the higher […]

Vapor Recovery Towers

Vapor Recovery Towers Vapor Recovery Towers are well established to reduce vapors being emitted in storage tanks. The VRT is typically a non-code vessel that does not exceed pressures above 3 psi – this allows light end hydrocarbons entrained in the oil to ‘flash off’ in a low-pressure environment. VRTs are a cost effective and […]


Combustors Emission Control Devices (ECDs) are designed to collect and combust vent gases from oil and condensate production storage tanks. The ECD is an Enclosed Ground Flare with the burner located within the stack shell. The ECD is designed for greater than 98% Destruction Removal Efficiency of total volatile organic compounds (TVOC) per Title 40 […]


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